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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham

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Taking in the fresh air on two wheels is a good alternative to walking! - especially if you can get out of town.

The threekitchenhill.org.uk websites contained several cycling pages and cover the first ten Tour of Britain cycle races. These are slso shared events and appeared to be popular. The aim is to update and reinstate that material on this site with as much emphasis on routes.

The main sections are outlined below:

Cycle Routes

There are a number of routes that have been used over several decades now, some favourites and some that are being updated owing to the changing way the roads are used.

We also have the benfit of Strava today to record and share our events: strava logo

This section will cover some of these routes in more depth. This will be added later in 2021 or in 2022.

Cycling Events

The events section ocvers organised events, mainly cycle races and the occasional massed cycling event. The events might include:

  • Tour of Britain
  • Kellogg's Tour of Britain
  • Milk Race
  • Town Centre Races
  • Tour de France
  • Tour of Burgos
  • National Championships

This section will cover some of these events with photos. This wil be included later in 2021 or in 2022.

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