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Carnedd Llewelyn, 1978

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This page provides an introduction to day walks for the site. More infornation will be added in future releases.


All walks that can be 100% completed in a day are referred to as a "Day Walk" - at least as far as this site is concerned. Where a walk takes two or more daya to complete this is deccribed as s "Long Distance Path" (see more here).

Day walks might be circular, limear or "out and back" in nature. The terrain may involve mountains, rural feilds, hiil and valleys, coast and even urban walks.

 R&S Pennine Way
Tree near Mottisfont - on the Mottisfont Estate Path, Feb 2008
Sadly this spectacular tree was cut down a few years after this photos was taken.


As with Long Distance Paths - Day Walks are recorded with default direction. This might be circular as in "clockwise" or linear as in "south to north".


While their geometry and extent are simpler compared with LDP - Day Walks may also be versioned to accommodate route changes and options.

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