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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham

Long Distance Paths | Listing

The Listing

This page presents a listing of all Long Distance Paths walked and their status as "In Progress" or "Completed". Planned LDPs are not included.

Each LDP is being versioned (v1, v2 etc) as several are in their second iteration (or more). More pages will be added in future to provide more information about each LDP version and the stages within it.

Long Distance Paths

Any path below that has a green "More" label will provide more details about the Long Distance Path:

LDP Name Version Completion Progress (km) More
Anglesey Coast Path YMON-v1 About 50% completed clockwise. KM & HM Part of the Wales CoastPath 0.0NYA
Bembridge Trail BEMT-v1 Completed from Newport to Bembridge 2019 by K&HM [tho 2/3 section to the west] 0.0NYA
Calderdale Way CALW-v2.0 Completed during Christmas Trips to Yorkshire by KM & RM (RM all but one stage) 1993-99 clockwise from West Vale 0.0NYA
Calderdale Way CALW-v1.0 Completed by Halifax Ordnance Survey Office staff in the spring & summer of 1979 clockwise from Lydgate,Todmorden 0.0NYA
Clarendon Way CLAW-v2.0 Fully completed by KM & HM in both directions during 2020 [lockdown year 1] 0.0NYA
Clarendon Way CLAW-v1.0 Completed by KM & HM in the spring-summer of 2012 in both directions 0.0NYA
England Coast Path ECP-Somerset-v1 Section from Minehead started 2018 in by KM & HM & reached Brean. Awaiting official path north to River Avon. 93.4NYA
Hamstead Trail HAMT-v1 Official path from Brook to Hamstead on the western Isle of Wight. Completed in 2019 by K&HM in both directions 12.9NYA
Isle of Wight Coast Path IoWCP-v1 Official path clockwise from East Cowes Chain Ferry - completed in 2012 by KM and since in both directions by KM&HM in 2015 [tbc] 116.0NYA
Isle of Wight Meridian IWM-v1 Created path from St Cathrines LH to Cowes Castle - along the IoW central Meridian Comp by K&HM in Feb 2016 0.0NYA
Isle of Wight Ridge Walk IWRW-v1 Created path from the Needles to Culver Cliff & back via Boniface & Niton Down - along the chalk ridge.Comp KM & HM in 2018 0.0NYA
Kennet & Avon Canal K&AC-v1 Completed from Bath to Reading started in Dec 2017 & completed Feb 2019 by KM & HM 125.9NYA
Kepler Track KEPT-v1 A stage of this path while in Te Anau New Zealsnd in Nov. 2013 Both Directions . unlikely to do more! 6.7NYA
Monarch's Way MONW-v1 Section from the Nadder Valley in Wiltshire to Old Winchester Hill has been completed in both directions. by K&HM No intention of fully completing. 0.0NYA
Pennine Way PENW-v1 Started in Aug. 1973 and ongoing. South to north. Various family members (from) KM, HM, RM, LW, SM & SC 0.0NYA
Poole Harbour Trail PHT-v1 Completed anticlockwise 2019-20 from Sandbanks Ferry by K&HM 0.0NYA
River Avon Trail RAT-v1 River trail completed from Pill on Bristol Channel to Bath by K&HM in 2018 44.0NYA
River Yar Trail RYT-v1 Completed rom sea at St Helen's, Bembridge Hrbiur to the source at Niton by K&HM in 2016. 0.0NYA
Shepherd's Trail SHT-v1 Two stage path from Carisbrooke to Shepherds Chine, Isle of Wight Completed by K&HM in 2019 0.0NYA
South Coast Path SCP-v2 From Eastbounre to Sandbanks.[shortened to adjust with PHT] Completed by K&HM 2012 - 2013 & now in both directions. + Some stages multiple times 302.8NYA
South Coast Path SCP-v1 Created path from Eastbourne to Poole Quay Completed by KM (with HM on 3 stages) 2011-12 West to east 0.0NYA
South Downs Way SDW-v1.1 Variation to cover north section from Alfriston to Eastbourne. Completed K&HM in both directions in 2018. 13.0NYA
South Downs Way SDW-v1.0 From Winchester to Eastbounre via rhe southen route from Alfriston.Completed both directions by K&HM in 201x 161.0NYA
South East Coast Path SECP-v1 From Whitstable to Eastbourne April 2014 & finished Jan 2016 BUT Anticlockwise! 189.5NYA
South West Coast Path SWCP-v1 Started 2009 & ongoing.Clockwise 12 stages to go. by K&HM Awaiting ability to travel. 869.3NYA
Test Way TWY-v2.0 Test Way rewalked from Dec 2018-20 Both directions This has two sections with different stages c/w the 2006 version. 78.0NYA
Test Way TWY-v1.0 Mostly completed from Totton to Inkpen in both directions by K&HM in 2006-07 - then fully in 2012. 78.0NYA
Thames Path THP-v1 River Thames from Reading to Crayford Ness by K&HM 2019 - 2 stages rto do - waiting ability to travel 139.3NYA
Wales Coast Path WACP-v1 Wales Coast. One section undertaken mid Wales by K&HM in 2016 [See also Anglesey Coast Path separately] 10.0NYA
Wayfarer's Way WFWY-v1 Inkpen to Emsworth Completed both directions KM & HM in 2020 [lockdown yr 1] 118.5NYA
Worsley Trail WORT-v1 Completed from Brighstone to Shanklim K&HM West to East with the exception of a 1.2km connection section nr Shorwell!! 0.0NYA
Yorkshire Coast YKCO-v1 Started 2013, opportunistic walks covered North Landing (Flamborough) to Scarbough (north) by K&HM South to north 37.8NYA

Note: some progress distance fields may require completion [Jan 2021].

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