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The Dodman, Cornwall, June 2019

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This page outlines the meaning and use of the term long distance paths on this site. The structure of the associated pages is also described and an update section reports progress regarding content loading.


Long Distance Path [LDP] infers that the walk may take some time and therefore more than a day. In practice LDP's come in all shapes and sizes, they are made up of stages [or segments] that will fit in a day. This notion goes back thousands of years when hunter gatherers and Neolithic people moved great distances from place to place. Some parts of our paths have their roots in those days.

On this site all walks that can be 100% completed in a day are referred to as a "Day Walk". See the Day Walks page here. These might be circular mountain or local walks.

Official or Make Your Own LDP?

The majority of the LDP reported here are officially recognised LDP either as National Trails eg Pennine Way, European Trails or defined/supported by some other body or association eg Calderdale Way. You can also "make your own LDP" and there will be more on this topic on the the Make Your Own LDP page [in future].

 R&S Pennine Way
Rob Murray & Steve Crowther, Pennine Way nr Popples above the Calder Valley, Boxing Day 1986

Directions & Versions

Occassionally some LDP are walked more than once and some stages many times. Walking a stage A to B may also be taken in the reverse direction ie B to A offering a different perspective.. Also on occassion it may be easier (or even the only possibility) to walk "out & back" due to limitations in transport arrangements.

Therefore all LDP have a "default direction" and we aim to complete a LDP using the same direction ie we walk the South West Coast Path "clockwise" from Poole to Minehead and the Pennine Way south to north.

The listing and report pages record the default as well as the actual direction walked.

Where an LDP is walked a second time sometimes a different configuration of stages is employed or the parth has been changed (more frequent that one might imagine).. In this case we assign version numbers eg Calderdale Way v1 and Calderdale Way v2 etc.

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