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Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, [OSGB 1960]

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This page provides an outline of the origins of the site, the new aims and the current level of completeness

An overview of the site can be found here

Previous versions

Some of the proposed content has previously been pubished on earlier versions of the THREEKITCHENHILL [family] website. Those pages first appeared around 2010 and followed a similar structure around long distance paths and day walks.

Over time threekitchenhill developed and had to undergo two migrations, each requiring a rewrite. On each occassion the number of pages never regained the previous level. This was not only because the management of the site software was becoming top heavy and the update route slow and cumbersome but we were spendng more and more time walking!

The new site is now based on a simpler framework and we will be able add new pages and update existing pages more easily.

Aims - of the new site

One of the primary aims of the new site was to separate the walks material from the family site. Whilst many of the walks have been undertaken by family groups of two or more - most non-family readers will most probably not be interested in the family material.

The preparation for a day walk or long distance path stage takes some time to ensure that the day goes to plan ie there is enough time to get to the start, undertake the walk (with refreshments) and get back to base. This is often quite a challenge since it is likley that public transport will figure at least one end of the event. If you are lucky enough to have a walking holiday - the week will depend on the thoroughness of the logistics research & preparation. This will include bus/train times, and do these services even exist?, checking ferry and tide times, parking, weather etc

Overall this is what this site sets out to acheive:

  • Provide an outline of long distance paths, stages amnd daywalks.
  • Document experience in walking selected stages along with logistics.
  • Create and document long distance paths or daywalks [ie a legal path but not officially recognised] .
  • Highlight any issues or problems regarding walk stages.
  • Incorporat maps and photographs to encourage readers - or to enjoy when you are unable to get out!

Current Status [Q1 2021]

The January 2021 release aims to estaoble the site structure as a first step to prove the operations of the site. This means that currently there is limited walk material here so far, the list below outlines the priorties:

  1. Establish base structure online & include listings of LDP & Daywalks - Q1 2021
  2. Establish a day walk page with map and photo album - Q1 2021
  3. Add a Long Dustance Path and Stage pages - Q2 2021
  4. Extend the Project Page - Q2 2021
  5. Extend the Associated Information Pages - Q2 2021
  6. Review / fine tune the structure - Summer 2021

Providing the above goes smoothly it will provide a firm foundation to add further LDP and Daywalks at an increased rate.

Feedback is always welcome - please see the Contact page for details

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Version: 1.0.0 [alpha]
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Complete: ~10% [c/w 3KH v2]
Platform: KRYSTAL
Date: 18 Jan 2021

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