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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham

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The pages in this section describe getting out into the fresh air and traveling somewhere under your own steam - either alone or much better as a small family group or with friends. The pages are records of some rewarding days out and hopefully they will also give others an incentive.

ACP: Afon Braint stepping stones

25 October 2017: Afon Braint, Ynys Môn/Anglesey [Anglesey Coast Path]<

There are two main sections:

  • Day Walks
  • Long Distance Paths [LDP]

The Walks

Day Walks

Day walks can completed in a single day. Hence they are often circular but can traverse from a to b where it may be possible to get a train or bus back to the start or you can walk it on both directions.

For each walk there will be a brief description, some photos, a map and any relevant experiece from the walk and external links.

See the Day walks home page here: Day Walks home page

Long Distance Paths

The LDP pages outline the entire route and the stages of the the Path. LDP can vary from 1-20km to over a thousand or more. This leads to several walking stages that will make up the overall Path. Stages will be included and described, in some cases selectively

As with day walks - the paths undertaken are recorded in the same way here.

See the Long Distance paths home page to discover the paths covered to date.

The Project & Associated Material

There are three related topics:

  • The Project
  • Associated Material
  • Cycling

The Project

Some long distance paths, such as the South West Coast Path, can sound frightening. The thought of a 1000km+ trek requiring 35km of climbing [that is equivalent to ~4 x tbe height of Everest] is enough to put all but keen walkers off - even before they think about the logistics. At best it often goes in the "one day" tray. However it is a stunning and rewarding walk and nearing the end a desire for it to continue starts to grow.

This is what led us to create "The Project" - we have linked several long distnace paths to create a "super long path" around the south of England.

To find out more see the Project home page The Project home page

Associated Material

There is a lot of material associated with walking today - about health benefits to routes, gear & literature. These pages will provide a few items that may be of use to future walkers.

See the Day walks home page e Associated Material home page


In addtion to walking threekitchill.org.uk v2 also had a strong cycling section. This has been absent for the past 4-5 years and will be restored on thos site. The cycling section will provide a similar coverage as the walks with routes and some listings. It will also cover cycling events sucha s the Tour de France and some UK races.

A blog section may be added in the future.

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